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Dr. Verpoorte, Dr. Kim, Dr. Yun, Dr. Patrick, Dr. Wong, Dr. Han
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Family & General Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Whole Family

Family and general dentists are your first line of defence against oral health problems. Although our dentists provide primarily preventative care and minor restorative therapy, they often are able to perform a wide array of dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments.

During a dental examination our dentists will use instruments, tests, radiographs and clinical expertise to diagnose potential or existent disease states and pathologies. Our dentists’ primary focus is on the oral cavity, head and neck.

At our dental practice, we emphasize regular hygiene care and prevention. After all, it’s easier to take good care of your teeth and gums now than to have to deal with extensive problems later on. We focus on providing individualized care by accounting for personal risk of dental diseases in each patient’s treatment and prevention plan. An individualized plan is developed to prevent or treat disease states of the oral cavity. Regular checkups help you maintain excellent oral health. We offer family and general dentistry services in our modern, welcoming office. From twice-yearly cleanings to standard tooth extractions, we promise a comfortable and positive experience for you and your family.

In our practice we offer exceptional care for the entire family:

  • It is critical that children learn how to care for their teeth, even before permanent teeth emerge. Our dental professionals make it fun for kids to visit the dentist, ensuring they will develop good habits that last a lifetime.
  • Teens need regular checkups to ensure continued oral health as they move into adulthood. Problems with tooth alignment often emerge at this age, requiring specialized attention from our orthodontic experts. Our full range of dental services addresses all of the issues that can affect teens.
  • The condition of teeth can change as we age. Adults need regular dental care to ensure their oral health.
  • Seniors need specialized dental services that focus on the effects of aging on the gums and teeth. We offer exceptional care for seniors, from general cleanings to periodontics and, if need be, denture care.

We give families in Belleville and Trenton, Ontario, personalized service and patient-focused care for smiles that last a lifetime. Call Quinte Smiles Dental Centre today to schedule your next dental appointment – Belleville 613-966-2664 / Trenton 613-392-3916.